NetScaler Syntax Highlighting for Notepad++

This morning a colleague mentioned that it would be nice to have syntax highlighting for NetScaler configuration files in Notepad++,  so what better way to have one, then to make one!

To use it save this .xml and load it in NPP by clicking ‘Language > Define your language…’:

Import User-Defined Language in Notepad++

Then click ‘Import’ to load it up:


Once loaded you should see most NetScaler syntax highlighted accordingly:

Sample Conf




  1. Grek · May 5, 2017

    Thank you for this! It would be great if there was one for Sublime Text too.

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  3. rayholtz · October 22, 2018

    Is there another link for the syntax highlighting file? It doesn’t seem to be in the Google Drive anymore. Thanks Kenny!

    • Kenny Baldwin · October 22, 2018

      Hey Ray; thanks for the reply. I didn’t realize the link had expired, and so I just edited the original post and put the full XML in the body; enjoy!

  4. Eike · September 21

    Hello Kenny,
    the formatting in this post is completely broken. I fixed some missing spaces which allowed me to import it at least but its still missing a ton of stuff.
    Does this CMS support some kind of code tag that would allow you to repost it in a working fashion? Or could you put it somewhere else?

    • Kenny Baldwin · September 22

      Hey Eike, thanks for mentioning this as I haven’t looked at this post probably since I made it, and I just shared a link to a newer .xml that should work.

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