PowerShell Module for Citrix ADM

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I felt compelled to share a PowerShell module for Citrix ADM I wrote for interacting with Citrix Application Delivery Management appliances. The module uses Invoke-RestMethod to interface the Nitro REST APIs for ADM, and was inspired by the module that Citrix originally shared which was credited to Esther Barthel, and so thank you Esther for the foundation!

Basically, this module works much in the same was as the NetScaler version, and makes it easier to talk to an ADM and the ADCs that it manages by acting as an API Proxy to the ADCs. It also allows for advanced API operations such as uploading firmware, certificates, configuration jobs & templates, and pretty much anything else you can do in the GUI, for both ADM and ADCs.

Anyways, check out ADM.psm1 along with Sample.ps1 to get a feel for it (there’s also a readme), and hopefully this is helpful for others that manage ADMs and/or ADCs on a regular basis!



  1. Tony DiMarzio · May 4, 2019

    Outstanding. We have 100+ NetScalers and using ADM API proxy is so much faster and more reliable than doing NITRO directly to a list of ADCs. This will get a lot of use and save a lot of work. Thanks!

    • Kenny Baldwin · May 4, 2019

      Thanks Tony, same here! I’ll try to share some more examples, but basically if you’ve already got a handle on Nitro for ADC, ADM just takes it to the next level!

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